Holiday Blues

This time of year is so much fun, but all the holiday activities really leave me drained for non holiday related creative things.

Which is a pain when I want to be writing but by the time I get curled up with the laptop and a tasty holiday beverage I tend to fall right asleep.

Amazing Feelings

It’s been a crazy week! The first PYPS was released and let me tell you, the feeling of knowing other people are reading your words is at once both terrifying and exhilarating.

But, there’s no time for rest for the wicked and I’m already in deep on book two. It’s going to be a fun little sci-fi romp where you get to be a cute little space princess who discovers exactly how far she will go to avoid being married off for political reasons.

The entire book has been mapped out (because nonlinear writing requires an amazing amount of planning) and am already about 7k words in.

This one has much more dialog and and action that happens between the ‘action’, but there’s still plenty of the good stuff in there.

But now, it’s Thanksgiving week and that means, friends, family, food and excessive libations!

A brave new world

Whew, here we are.. publishing my first story on kindle.

I’m so excited to share it with the world, but at the same time actually putting your story out there for the world to see… yeah that’s a bit intimidating.

Nothing that a glass of wine can’t fix though.

Now, once I get that publish button pushed, have I got a mountain of ideas for stories that I can’t wait to get started on.